Original Research

Feasibility of cardiovascular risk screening in Portuguese community pharmacies

Anabela A. Fonseca, Tacio M. Lima, Margarida Castel-Branco, Isabel V. Figueiredo
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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: considerations for pharmacists delivering the National Diabetes Prevention Program

Dave L. Dixon, Evan M. Sisson, Lauren G. Pamulapati, Rowan Spence, Teresa M. Salgado
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The competency of Indonesian pharmacy students in handling a self-medication request for a cough: a simulated patient study

Cecilia Brata, Steven V. Halim, Eko Setiawan, Bobby Presley, Yosi I. Wibowo, Carl R. Schneider
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Improving outpatient medication counselling in hospital pharmacy settings: a behavioral analysis using the theoretical domains framework and behavior change wheel

Samirah N. Abdu-Aguye, Shafiu Mohammed, Nuhu M. Danjuma, Kamilu S. Labaran
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Assessment of community pharmacists’ communication and comfort levels when interacting with Deaf and hard of hearing patients

Elizabeth Y. Chong, Sabrina A. Jacob, Amutha Ramadas, Pei H. Goh, Uma D. Palanisamy
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The role of primary care pharmacists in the response to the Zika epidemic

Cláudia B. Santos-Pinto, Claudia S. Osorio-de-Castro , Larissa M. Ferreira, Elaine S. Miranda
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The Pharmacists’ and pharmacy technicians’ scopes of practice in the management of minor ailments at community pharmacies in Indonesia: a cross-sectional study

Vinci Mizranita, Tin F. Sim, Bruce Sunderland, Richard Parsons, Jeffery D. Hughes
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The association between social support and medication adherence in patients with hypertension: A systematic review

Wejdan Shahin, Gerard A. Kennedy, Ieva Stupans
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Measuring depression and anxiety prevalence among Iraqi healthcare college students using hospital anxiety and depression scale

Sarmed H. Kathem, Ali A. Al Jumaili, Malak Noor-Aldeen , Noor Najah , Dema Ali Khalid
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Public knowledge, beliefs, psychological responses, and behavioural changes during the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Middle East

Husam Abazid, Iman A. Basheti, Esraa E. Al-Jomaa, Ayham Abazid, Warda M. Kloub
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Medication adherence and persistence of psoriatic arthritis patients treated with biological therapy in a specialty pharmacy in Brazil: a prospective observational study

Ana F. Souza, Michael R. da Silva, Jéssica B. dos Santos, Alessandra M. Almeida, Francisco A. Acurcio, Juliana Alvares-Teodoro
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Descriptive assessment of graduates' perceptions of pharmacy-related competencies based on the Lebanese pharmacy core competencies framework

Rony M. Zeenny, Marwan Akel, Aline Hajj, Hala Sacre, Souheil Hallit, Pascale Salameh
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Why do pharmacists leave the profession? A mixed-method exploratory study

Trudi J. Aspden, Pushkar R. Silwal, Munyaradzi Marowa, Rhys Ponton
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The Impact of Covid-19 containment on community pharmaceutical spending in Andalusia - Spain

Francisco Florido Alba, Nuria García-Agua, Angel Martín Reyes, Antonio Clavero Barranquero , Antonio J. Garcia Ruiz
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Patient satisfaction with medication therapy adherence clinic services in a district hospital: a cross-sectional study

Yi C. Sim, Intan S. Mohd-Rosli, Boon T. Lau, Siew Y. Ng
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Bridging health disparities: a national survey of ambulatory care pharmacists in underserved areas

Morgan P. Stewart, Rhianna Fink, Emily Kosirog, Joseph J. Saseen
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Patterns of medication errors involving pediatric population reported to the French Medication Error Guichet

Christine Azar, Delphine Allué , Marie B. Valnet-Rabier, Laurent Chouchana, Fanny Rocher, Dorothée Durand, Nathalie Grené-Lerouge, Nadine Saleh, Patrick Maison
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International Series

Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Estonia

Kristiina Sepp, Anita Tuula, Veera Bobrova, Daisy Volmer
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Community pharmacies and pharmacists in Brazil: A missed opportunity

Angelita C. Melo, Guilherme M. Trindade , Alessandra R. Freitas , Karina A. Resende , Tarcísio J. Palhano
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Perspectives on the pharmacist’s “product”: a narrative review

David A. Holdford
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