Original Research

Ensuring intervention success: Assessing fit as an overlooked step of the implementation process

Carrie M. Blanchard, Melanie Livet
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Page 2235

For which patient subgroups are there positive outcomes from a medication review? A systematic review

Bjarke Abrahamsen, Rikke N. Hansen, Charlotte Rossing
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Page 1976

Development of a stepwise tool to aide primary health care professionals in the process of deprescribing in older persons

Roxana De las Salas, Javier Eslava-Schmalbach, Claudia Vaca-González, Dolores Rodríguez, Albert Figueras
Abstract 615 | pdf Downloads 353

Page 2033

Training and standardization of simulated patients for multicentre studies in clinical pharmacy education

Karina A. Resende, Afonso M. Cavaco, Márcia A. Luna-Leite, Bianca R. Acacio, Núbia N. Pinto, Maria D. Neta, Angelita C. Melo
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Page 2038

The pharmacy workforce in public primary healthcare centers: promoting access and information on medicines

Emilia B. Faraco, Luciano Guimarães, Claire Anderson, Silvana N. Leite
Abstract 895 | pdf Downloads 298

Page 2048

Educational intervention to improve pharmacist knowledge to provide care for transgender patients

Jurynelliz Rosa Vega, Edgar Carlo, Andrés Rodríguez-Ochoa, Jonathan Hernández-Agosto, Darlene Santiago Quiñones, Damián Cabrera-Candelaria, Carlos E. Rodríguez-Díaz, Kyle Melin
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Page 2061

Assessment of occupational violence towards pharmacists at practice settings in Nigeria

Garba M. Khalid , Umar I. Idris, Abubakar I. Jatau, Yusuf H. Wada, Ya'u Adamu, Marzuq A. Ungogo
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Page 2080

Mandatory pharmacist-led education session for patients seeking medical cannabis

Vikas Parihar, Laura Katz, Mahmoud A. Siyam, Anna Rogers, Lisa Patterson, Ramesh Zacharias
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Page 2088

Dispensing of antibiotics in community pharmacy in Iraq: a qualitative study

Akram Alkadhimi, Omar T. Dawood, Mohamed A. Hassali
Abstract 899 | pdf Downloads 317

Page 2095

Pharmacy professionals’ preparedness to use Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) behaviors

Matthew J. Witry, Olajide Fadare, Anthony Pudlo
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Page 2102

Dispensing errors in community pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates: investigating incidence, types, severity, and causes

Osama Mohamed Ibrahim, Rana M. Ibrahim , Ahmad Z. Al Meslamani, Nadia Al Mazrouei
Abstract 1077 | pdf Downloads 498

Page 2111

A key performance indicators redefinition initiative at a school of pharmacy using a modified Delphi consensus technique

Teresa M. Salgado, Taylor N. Reynolds, Laura M. Frankart, David A. Holdford, Joseph T. DiPiro, VCU School of Pharmacy KPIs Redefinition Taskforce
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Page 2120

Clinical pharmacy services in Brazil, particularly cardiometabolic diseases: a systematic scoping review and meta-analyses

Priscila L. Nassur, Marcela Forgerini, Patricia C. Mastroianni, Rosa C. Lucchetta
Abstract 729 | pdf Downloads 442

Page 2131

Clinical impact of a pharmacist-led medication review with follow up for aged polypharmacy patients: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Raquel Varas-Doval, Miguel A. Gastelurrutia, Shalom I. Benrimoj, Victoria García-Cárdenas, Loreto Sáez-Benito, Fernando Martinez-Martínez
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Page 2133

Development of pharmacy competency framework for the changing demands of Thailand’s pharmaceutical and health services

Puckwipa Suwannaprom, Siritree Suttajit, Suntara Eakanunkul, Teeraporn Supapaan, Nusaraporn Kessomboon, Khunjira Udomaksorn, Rungpetch Sakulbumrungsil
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International Series

Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Colombia

Pedro Amariles, Mauricio Ceballos, Cesar Gonzalez-Giraldo
Abstract 1076 | pdf Downloads 420

Page 2159

Community pharmacists’ evolving role in Canadian primary health care: a vision of harmonization in a patchwork system

Taylor Raiche, Robert Pammett, Shelita Dattani, Lisa Dolovich, Kevin Hamilton, Natalie Kennie-Kaulbach, Lisa McCarthy, Derek Jorgenson
Abstract 1642 | pdf Downloads 830

Page 2171

Integration of Community pharmacy and pharmacists in primary health care policies in Argentina

Pedro D. Armando, Sonia A. Uema, Elena M. Vega
Abstract 791 | pdf Downloads 338

Page 2173

Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Jordan

Iman A. Basheti, Nizar M. Mhaidat, Rajaa Al-Qudah, Razan Nassar, Bayan Othman, Tareq L. Mukattash
Abstract 4373 | pdf Downloads 441

Page 2184


Preceptor tips for navigating generational differences with introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experience students

Melinda J. Burnworth, Tracy K. Pettinger, Melissa S. Medina, Mary Niemczyk
Abstract 494 | pdf Downloads 309

Page 2176