Venlafaxine and desvenlafaxine in the management of menopausal hot flashes

Emily D. Johnson, Dana G. Carroll
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Page 117-121

Original Research

The impact of a pharmacist assisted clinic upon medication adherence and quality of life in mental health patients

Mitsi H. Lizer, Sarah A. Parnapy Jawaid, Wallace A. Marsh, Lakuma Mogili
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Page 122-127

Pharmacy practice simulations: performance of senior pharmacy students at a University in southern Brazil

Dayani Galato, Graziela M. Alano, Silvana C. Trauthman, Tainã F. França
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The perceptions of pharmacists in Victoria, Australia on pharmacogenetics and its implications

Teresa McMahon, Joseph Tucci
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Page 141-147

Knowledge of, beliefs about, and perceived barriers to the use of the emergency contraception pill among women aged 18-51 in Nova Scotia

Anne M. Whelan, Donald B. Langille, Samantha J. White, Mark Asbridge, Gordon Flowerdew
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Page 148-155

Impact of drugs counselling by an undergraduate pharmacist on cardiac surgical patient’s compliance to medicines.

Natalie Zerafa, Maurice Zarb Adami, Joseph Galea
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Page 156-161

Prevalence of hazardous alcohol use among pharmacy students at nine U.S. schools of pharmacy

Clayton D. English, Jose A. Rey, Lauren S. Schlesselman
Abstract 1088 | PDF Downloads 640

Page 162-168