Original Research

Pharmacist recommendations for prophylactic enoxaparin monitoring and dose adjustment in trauma patients admitted to a surgical intensive care unit

Ali Scrimenti, Robert W. Seabury, Christopher D. Miller, Lucy Ruangvoravat, William Darko, Luke A. Probst, Gregory M. Cwikla
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Role of board certification in advancing pharmacy practice

Samuel G. Johnson
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Characteristics of significant events identified by pharmacy students while on early immersion pharmacy practice experiences

Philip T. Rodgers, Vivian Cheng, Antonio A. Bush, Charlene Williams
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Facilitators and barriers in implementing medication safety practices across hospitals within 11 European Union countries

Carita Linden-Lahti, Anna-Riia Holmström, Pirjo Pennanen, Marja Airaksinen
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Medication follow-up in newborns with extremely low birth-weight

Catarine V. Loureiro, Marta M. Fonteles, Mylenne B. Mascarenhas, Elana F. Chaves, Paulo Y. Firmino
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Combination therapy with once-weekly glucagon like peptide-1 receptor agonists and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes: a case series

Estela Lajthia, John D. Bucheit, Pramit A. Nadpara, Dave L. Dixon, Lauren M. Caldas, Michael Murchie, Evan M. Sisson
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Antibiotic prescribing for acute uncomplicated cystitis in Lebanese community pharmacies using a simulated patient

Sally G. Yaacoub, Valerie Koyess, Nathalie Lahoud, Deema Rahme, Nicole Francis, Nadine Saleh, Patrick Maison
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Appraisal of the entrustable professional activities (EPAs) patient care provider domain by North Dakota pharmacists

David M. Scott, Michael P. Kelsch, Macey Hanel, Daniel L. Friesner
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Factors associated with quality of life among community pharmacists in Lebanon: results of a cross-sectional study

Hala Sacre, Sahar Obeid, Georges Choueiry, Eva Hobeika, Rita Farah, Aline Hajj, Marwan Akel, Souheil Hallit, Pascale Salameh
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Development and validation of an instrument designed to measure factors influencing physician prescribing decisions

Mohsen A. Murshid, Zurina Mohaidin , Mohammad Zayed
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A comparison of clinical pharmacist management of type 2 diabetes versus usual care in a federally qualified health center

Rhianna M. Fink, Emanuela V. Mooney, Joseph J. Saseen, Sarah J. Billups
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A comprehensive view of knowledge and osteoporosis status among type 2 diabetes mellitus in Malaysia: A cross sectional study

Shaymaa A. Abdulameer, Mohanad N. Sahib, Syed A. Syed Sulaiman, Mohamed A. Hassali
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Use of secret simulated patient followed by workshop based education to assess and improve inhaler counseling in community pharmacy in Jordan

Eman R. Elayeh, Eman A. Hammad, Razan H. Tubeileh, Iman A. Basheti
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Real-world study of direct oral anticoagulant dosing patterns in patients with atrial fibrillation

Whitney L. Gustafson, John Saunders, Sara R. Vazquez, Aubrey E. Jones, Daniel M. Witt
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