Original Research

Retrospective analysis of drug therapy problems identified with a telephonic appointment-based model of medication synchronization

Rebecca M. Fitzpatrick, Matthew J. Witry, William R. Doucette, Kelly Kent, Michael J. Deninger, Randal P. McDonough, Stevie Veach
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Pharmacist-administered pediatric vaccination services in the United States: major barriers and potential solutions for the outpatient setting

Nicole E. Omecene, Julie A. Patterson, John D. Bucheit, Apryl N. Anderson, Danielle Rogers, Jean-Venable R. Goode, Lauren M. Caldas
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Trends in high intensity statin use among secondary prevention patients 76 years and older

Michele Wood, Thomas Delate, Sheila L. Stadler, Anne M. Denham, Leslie K. Ruppe, Roseanne Hornak, Kari L. Olson
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Influencing the timing of parenteral nutrition initiation in the pediatric intensive care unit

Collin R. Anderson, Jennifer Lueckler, Jared A. Olson
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Views on the role of community pharmacy in local communities: a case study of stakeholders’ attitudes

Josefine D. Nørgaard, Sofia K. Sporrong
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Attitudes of Lebanese pharmacists towards online and live continuing education sessions

Hala Sacre, Samah Tawil, Souheil Hallit, Aline Hajj, Georges Sili, Pascale Salameh
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Potentially inappropriate medications prescribing according to Beers criteria among elderly outpatients in Jordan: a cross sectional study

Ahmad Al-Azayzih, Rawan AlAmoori, Shoroq M. Altawalbeh
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Mobile authentication service in Nigeria: An assessment of community pharmacists’ acceptance and providers’ views of successes and challenges of deployment

Olubukola O. Oyetunde, Olayiwola Ogidan, Mary I. Akinyemi, Adeteju A. Ogunbameru, Olubunmi F. Asaolu
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The provision of advice by pharmacy staff in eastern Indonesian community pharmacies

Cecilia Brata, Carl R. Schneider, Brahmaputra Marjadi, Rhonda M. Clifford
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A training program incorporating a diabetes tool to facilitate delivery of quality diabetes care by community pharmacists in Malaysia and Australia

Shamala Ayadurai, Bruce Sunderland, Lisa B. Tee, H. Laetitia Hattingh
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Investigating the efficacy of an interactive warning for use in labeling strategies used by U.S. pharmacies

Jiyon Lee, Moslem Ladoni, James Richardson, Raghav P. Sundar, Laura Bix
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Assessing hormonal contraceptive dispensing and counseling provided by community pharmacists in the United Arab Emirates: a simulated patient study

Dalal M. Mobarak, Moawia M. Al-Tabakha, Sanah Hasan
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Availability and rationality of fixed dose combinations available in Kaduna, Nigeria

Fatima Auwal, Mohammed N. Dahiru, Samirah N. Abdu-Aguye
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Information seeking behavior and awareness among physicians regarding drug information centers in Saudi Arabia

Dlal A. Almazrou, Sheraz Ali, Dalal A. Al-Abdulkarim, Ahmed F. Albalawi, Jasser A. Alzhrani
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