Original Research

Knowledge of self-care among type 2 diabetes patients in two states of Nigeria

Idongesit L. Jackson, Maxwell O. Adibe, Matthew J. Okonta, Chinwe V. Ukwe
Abstract 3468 | PDF Downloads 1401

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Pharmaceutical Care Education in Kuwait: Pharmacy Students Perspectives

Maram G. Katoue, Abdelmoneim I. Awad, Terry L. Schwinghammer, Samuel B. Kombian
Abstract 2664 | PDF Downloads 1494

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Do free or low-cost antibiotic promotions alter prescription filling habits?

Jeremy Joslin, Susan Marie Wojcik, Andrew Fisher, William D Grant
Abstract 3483 | PDF Downloads 1096

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A retrospective analysis of intravenous acetaminophen use in spinal surgery patients

April N. Smith, Vie C. Hoefling
Abstract 2752 | PDF Downloads 1019

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Description of a practice model for pharmacist medication review in a general practice setting

Mette Brandt, Jesper Hallas, Trine Graabæk, Anton Pottegård
Abstract 2188 | PDF Downloads 1289

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How do Danish community pharmacies vary in engaging customers in medicine dialogues at the counter – an observational study

Susanne Kaae, Sahdia Sahleem, Maria Kristiansen
Abstract 1437 | PDF Downloads 905 Untitled Downloads 100

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Cost-utility analysis of genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy in patients with moderate-to-high risk acute coronary syndrome and planned percutaneous coronary intervention

Vardhaman Patel, Fang-Ju Lin, Olaitan Ojo, Sapna Rao, Shengsheng Yu, Lin Zhan, Daniel R. Touchette
Abstract 1946 | PDF Downloads 928

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Extending role by Japanese pharmacists after training for performing vital signs monitoring

Fujiko Hasegawa, Kenji Hazama, Shunya Ikeda, Hiroshi Takeda
Abstract 3043 | PDF Downloads 1135

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Pharmacy Apps: a new frontier on the digital landscape?

Michael J. Davies, Matthew Collings, William Fletcher, Hassan Mujtaba
Abstract 2519 | PDF Downloads 1286 Pharmacist Level of Comfort with using a Mobile App over a Hard Copy Reference Source Downloads 289 Mobile Apps Offer Scope to Aid the Pharmacist during Patient Consultations (i.e. MURs and NMS) Downloads 279 The Likelihood of Pharmacists using Mobile Apps for Continuing Education Purposes Downloads 257 Pharmacist Willingness to Recommend a Mobile App for a Range of Commonly Presenting Conditions Downloads 258 Barriers to the use of Mobile Apps within the Community Pharmacy Setting Downloads 203 Pharmacist Opinion Regarding the Use of Mobile Apps in Modern Day and Future Practise Downloads 265

Page 453

Correction of errors

Pharmacists implementing transitions of care in inpatient, ambulatory and community practice settings [erratum for Pharm Pract (Granada) 2014;12(2):439]

Sanchita Sen, Jane F. Bowen, Valerie S. Ganetsky, Diane Hadley, Karleen Melody, Shelley Otsuka, Radha Vanmali, Tyan Thomas
Abstract 1928 | PDF Downloads 923

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