Ocular toxicity of systemic anticancer chemotherapy

Afekhide E. Omoti, Caroline E. Omoti
Abstract 1536 | PDF Downloads 1217

Page 55-59

Original Research

Private pharmacy staff in Hanoi dispensing steroids - theory and practice

Mattias Larsson, Nguyen T. Binh, Göran Tomson, Nguyen T. Chuc, Torkel Falkenberg
Abstract 2258 | PDF Downloads 895

Page 60-67

Clinical practice and costs of treating catheter-related infections with teicoplanin or vancomycin

Steven Simoens, Nik De Corte, Gert Laekeman
Abstract 766 | PDF Downloads 479

Page 68-73

Reducing the use of benzodiazepines and cyclopyrrolones in clinical practice

Viggo K. Jørgensen, Birgit S. Toft, Max V. Fogh
Abstract 845 | PDF Downloads 809

Page 74-78

Diabetes in a primary care center among Spaniards and immigrants

Montserrat Roca Vilalta, Agueda Castaño Perez, Charo Lopez Moya, Mercedes Lopez Olivares
Abstract 3191 | PDF Downloads 941

Page 79-82

Situation of Drug Information Centers and Services in Costa Rica

Victoria Hall, Carolina Gomez, Fernando Fernandez-Llimos
Abstract 933 | PDF Downloads 1011

Page 83-87

How to measure (or not) compliance to eradication therapy

Ana P. Martins, Ana P. Ferreira, Filipa A. Costa, Jose Cabrita
Abstract 877 | PDF Downloads 757

Page 88-94

Screening for osteoporosis among post-menopausal women in a community pharmacy

Damiá Barris Blundell, Carmen Rodriguez Zarzuelo, Belen Sabio Sanchez, Jose L. Gutierrez Alvarez, Elena Navarro Visa, Oscar Muñoz Valdes, Belen Garrido Jimenez, Rocio Sanchez Gomez
Abstract 1408 | PDF Downloads 837

Page 95-101