Original Research

Opinions of West Texas pharmacists about emergency contraception

Gary Sutkin, Brenda Grant, Brian K. Irons, Tyrone F. Borders
Abstract 1168 | PDF Downloads 869

Page 151-155

Immigration within European Union – Does health immigration make a difference in analgesic use?

Minna H. Väänänen, Kirsi Pietilä, Marja Airaksinen
Abstract 1012 | PDF Downloads 732

Page 156-162

The provision of pharmaceutical advice improves patient vaccination status

Joerg Fuchs
Abstract 852 | PDF Downloads 624

Page 163-167

Lessons from gefitinib-induced interstitial lung disease in Japan: Problems in approval, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory decision-making procedures

Tsutomu Nishimura, Harue Tada, Masatsugu Nakagawa, Satoshi Teramukai, Shigeyuki Matsui, Masanori Fukushima
Abstract 1768 | PDF Downloads 792

Page 168-178

Comparing the T scores from bone sonometer measurements in Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women

Marcus Droege, Wallace A. Marsh, Goar N. Alvarez, Tracy S. Hunter
Abstract 893 | PDF Downloads 791

Page 179-182

Assessment of patient knowledge of diabetic goals, self-reported medication adherence, and goal attainment

Heather P. Whitley, Joli D. Fermo, Kelly R. Ragucci, Elinor C. Chumney
Abstract 873 | PDF Downloads 628

Page 183-190

Towards supporting scholarship in research by clinical pharmacy faculty

A. Simon Pickard
Abstract 1196 | PDF Downloads 724

Page 191-194

Community Pharmacy-Based Intervention to Improve Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose in Type 2 Diabetic patients

Uta Müller, Andrea Hammerlein, Annette Casper, Martin Schulz
Abstract 1917 | PDF Downloads 682

Page 195-203

Assessment of the decreased productivity of patients with diabetes type 2 in the Clinical Endocrynological Center Sofia, Bulgaria

Ognian Plaveev, Zlatka Dimitrova, Nedialka Ovcharova, Valentina B. Petkova, Mona Stefanova, Stela Ivanova
Abstract 2648 | PDF Downloads 633

Page 204-207