Varenicline: A review of the literature and place in therapy

Heather P. Whitley, Krystal L. Moorman
Abstract 1163 | PDF Downloads 816

Page 51-58

Original Research

Pharmacists’ views on involvement in pharmacy practice research: Strategies for facilitating participation

Carol L. Armour, Martha Brillant, Ines Krass
Abstract 1092 | PDF Downloads 891

Page 59-66

Antibiotic prescription and cost patterns in a general intensive care unit

Norberto Krivoy, Wissam Abed El-Ahal, Yaron Bar-Lavie, Salim Haddad
Abstract 1526 | PDF Downloads 857

Page 67-73

Investigation of barriers to clinical practice guideline-recommended pharmacotherapy in the treatment of COPD

Lea Price, Sarah J. Billups, Melissa A. Rice, Cynthia Hartsfield
Abstract 1677 | PDF Downloads 747

Page 74-77

Eliciting comprehensive medication histories in the emergency department: the role of the pharmacist

Meredith Crook, Maja Ajdukovic, Christopher Angley, Natalie Soulsby, Christopher Doecke, Ieva Stupans, Manya Angley
Abstract 1383 | PDF Downloads 745

Page 78-84

Development and validity of a method for the evaluation of printed education material

Mauro S. Castro, Diogo Pilger, Flavio D. Fuchs, Maria B. Ferreira
Abstract 1510 | PDF Downloads 797

Page 89-94

Documentation of pharmacotherapeutic interventions of pharmacy students

Elicia D. King, Mamie A. Wilson, Linh Van, Frank S. Emanuel
Abstract 1540 | PDF Downloads 722

Page 95-98