Original Research

Delivering medicines in a challenging environment: the pharmaceutical sector in East Timor (a descriptive study)

Pauline Norris, Raul B. Dos Santos, David Woods, Wale Tobata
Abstract 812 | PDF Downloads 891

Page 145-150

Journal publications by pharmacy practice faculty evaluated by institution and region of the United States (2001-2003)

Craig I. Coleman, Lauren S. Schlesselman, C. Michael White
Abstract 804 | PDF Downloads 687

Page 151-156

Profile of drug interactions in hospitalized children

Jacqueline K. Martinbiancho, Joice Zuckermann, Luciana dos Santos, Marianne M. Silva
Abstract 1055 | PDF Downloads 736

Page 157-161

Pharmacist elicited medication histories in the Emergency Department: Identifying patient groups at risk of medication misadventure

Maja Ajdukovic, Meredith Crook, Christopher Angley, Ieva Stupans, Natalie Soulsby, Christopher Doecke, Barbara Anderson, Manya Angley
Abstract 3866 | PDF Downloads 1353

Page 162-168

Impact of clinical pharmacist intervention on diabetes related quality-of-life in an ambulatory care clinic

Douglas L. Jennings, Kelly R. Ragucci, Elinor C. Chumney, Andrea M. Wessell
Abstract 1061 | PDF Downloads 870

Page 169-173

Pharmaceutical services in a Mexican pain relief and palliative care institute

Raymundo Escutia Gutierrez, Cesar R. Cortez Alvarez, Rosa M. Alvarez Alvarez, Jorge L. Flores Hernandez, Jessica Gutierrez Godinez, Jose G. Lopez y Lopez
Abstract 851 | PDF Downloads 763

Page 174-178

Profile of drug utilization in the elderly living in Porto Alegre

Fabiana Torres Faggiani, Guilherme Schroeter, Sandro Luz Pacheco, Antonio C. Araujo de Souza, Maria C. Werlang, Geraldo Attilio de Carli, Fernanda Bueno Morrone
Abstract 877 | PDF Downloads 794

Page 179-184

A pilot study of complementary and alternative medicine use in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Geoffrey C. Wall, Linda L. Krypel, Michael J. Miller, Derek M. Rees
Abstract 1053 | PDF Downloads 759

Page 185-190