Adherence: a review of education, research, practice and policy in Australia

Parisa Aslani, Ines Krass
Abstract 1993 | PDF Downloads 783

Page 1-10

Role of the pharmacist in pre-exposure chemoprophylaxis (PrEP) therapy for HIV prevention

Kevin A. Clauson, Hyla H. Polen, Shine A. Joseph, Antonia Zapantis
Abstract 2428 | PDF Downloads 710

Page 11-18

Original Research

The applicability of the tetraclass model to the management of the patient satisfaction in the pharmacies

Guenka Petrova, Fabrice Clerfeuille, Milena Vakrilova, Cvetomir Mitkov, Yannick Poubanne
Abstract 957 | PDF Downloads 773

Page 19-28

Drugs in upper respiratory tract infections in paediatric patients in North Trinidad

Kameel Mungrue, Tessa Brown, Ivory Hayes, Savatri Ramroop, Portio Thurston, Lexley Pinto Pereira
Abstract 1350 | PDF Downloads 778

Page 29-33

Relationship between drug interactions and drug-related negative clinical outcomes in two community pharmacies

Javier Cremades, Mario Gonzalo, Isabel Arrebola
Abstract 1209 | PDF Downloads 881

Page 34-39

Evaluation of antihypertensive therapy in diabetic hypertensive patients: impact of ischemic heart disease

Waleed M. Sweileh, Ansam F. Sawalha, Sa’ed H. Zyoud, Samah W. Al-Jabil, Eman J. Tameem, Nasr Y. Shraim
Abstract 1067 | PDF Downloads 753

Page 40-46

Preceptor preferences for participating in electronic preceptor development

Machelle Davison, Melissa S. Medina, Nancy E. Ray
Abstract 1315 | PDF Downloads 794

Page 47-53

General medications utilization and cost patterns in hospitalized children

Doaa Okasha, Imad Kassis, Salim Haddad, Norberto Krivoy
Abstract 990 | PDF Downloads 853

Page 54-58

The effect of one-dose package on medication adherence for the elderly care in Japan

Kiyohito Nakai, Nobuo Yamamoto, Miwako Kamei, Masahiko Fujita
Abstract 996 | PDF Downloads 725

Page 59-62