Adherence: a review of education, research, practice, and policy in the United States

Nathaniel M. Rickles, Todd A. Brown, Melissa S. McGivney, Margie E. Snyder, Kelsey A. White
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Page 1-17

Original Research

Can professionalism be measured?: evidence from the pharmacy literature

Paul M. Rutter, Gregory Duncan
Abstract 2499 | PDF Downloads 919

Page 18-28

Evaluation of breast cancer awareness among female university students in Malaysia

Muhammad A. Hadi, Mohamed A. Hassali, Asrul A. Shafie, Ahmed Awaisu
Abstract 3940 | PDF Downloads 3051

Page 29-34

Medication reviews led by community pharmacists in Switzerland: a qualitative survey to evaluate barriers and facilitators

Anne Niquille, Chantal Lattmann, Olivier Bugnon
Abstract 1342 | PDF Downloads 956

Page 35-42

Pharmaceutical and chemical pediatric poisoning in Kuwait: a retrospective survey

Eman A. Abahussain, Douglas E. Ball
Abstract 1068 | PDF Downloads 664

Page 43-49

Drugs with narrow therapeutic index as indicators in the risk management of hospitalised patients

Hege S. Blix, Kirsten K. Viktil, Tron A. Moger, Aasmund Reikvam
Abstract 2562 | PDF Downloads 1094

Page 50-55

Comparison of chronic systolic heart failure guideline adherence for two ambulatory clinics

Sarah B. Dehoney, Lori M. Dickerson, Jean M. Nappi
Abstract 1011 | PDF Downloads 748

Page 56-61

Quality assessment of patients’ self-monitoring of blood glucose in community pharmacies

Reidun S. Kjome, Anne G. Granas, Kari Nerhus, Sverre Sandberg
Abstract 1904 | PDF Downloads 486

Page 62-69

Professional practices and perception towards rational use of medicines according to WHO methodology in United Arab Emirates

Bazigha Abdul Rasool, Sahar A. Fahmy, Eman F. Abu-Gharbieh, Heyam S. Ali
Abstract 1059 | PDF Downloads 879

Page 70-76