Integration of community pharmacy in primary health care

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  • Effectiveness of a continuing education program of drugs with fiscalized substance to improve pharmacy staff competencies: a multicenter, cluster-randomized controlled trial

    Ceballos Mauricio, Salazar-Ospina ANDREA, Sabater-Hernández DANIEL, Amariles Pedro
    Abstract 364 | PDF Downloads 239

    Page 01-10

  • Prevalence and associated risk factors of self-medication with over-the-counter medicines among university students in the United Arab Emirates

    Khalid A AL-KUBAISI, Abduelmula R. ABDUELKAREM, Mohammed M HASSANEIN
    Abstract 622 | PDF Downloads 400

    Page 01-06

  • Guideline-directed medical therapy in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction in Oman: utilization, reasons behind non-prescribing, and dose optimization

    Safiya Al-Aghbari, Juhaina Salim Al-Maqbali, Abdullah M Al Alawi, Mohammed Al Za’abi, Ibrahim Al-Zakwani
    Abstract 723 | PDF Downloads 460
  • Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of Lebanese pharmacists in providing patient counseling on urinary tract infection and its treatment

    Riham Sabra, Jihan Safwan, Mariam Dabbous, Ahmad Rida, Diana Malaeb, Marwan Akel, Fouad Sakr
    Abstract 723 | PDF Downloads 507

    Page 2653

  • What has changed in the pharmaceutical care after COVID-19: Pharmacists’ perspective

    Zelal Kharaba, Sedq A. Moutraji, Rama A. Al Khawaldeh, Yassen Alfoteih, Ahmad Z. Al Meslamani
    Abstract 758 | PDF Downloads 71

    Page 2656

  • Assessing knowledge, attitude and practice of community pharmacists on the pain management and implications in UAE children

    Ammar Abdulrahman Jairoun, Sabaa Saleh Al-Hemyari , Moyad Shahwan , Maimona Jairoun, Amanj Kurdi , Brian Godman
    Abstract 677 | PDF Downloads 392

    Page 2664

  • Assessing health-related behaviors among Jordanian children during COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study

    Samar Thiab, Muna Barakat, Raja'a Qudah, Iman Basheti, Safa Daoud
    Abstract 584 | PDF Downloads 349

    Page 2670

  • COVID-19 vaccination, do women suffer from more side effects than men? A retrospective cross-sectional study

    Harith Kh. Al-Qazaz, Luma M. Al-Obaidy, Heba M. Attash
    Abstract 618 | PDF Downloads 370

    Page 2678

  • The rise of telepharmacy services during the COVID-19 pandemic: A comprehensive assessment of services in the United Arab Emirates

    Feras Jirjees, Mohanad Odeh, Lynn Aloum, Zelal Kharaba, Karem H Alzoubi, Hala J. Al-OBAIDI
    Abstract 1080 | PDF Downloads 575

    Page 02-11

  • Prevalence of pharmacist knowledge on beyond-use date (BUD) of various non-sterile compounding drugs in Indonesia

    Fonny Cokro, Sherly Tandi Arrang, Monika Arvia Chiara, Olivia Stephanie Hendra
    Abstract 432 | pdf Downloads 480

    Page 2630

  • COVID-19 infected patients’ experiences in Syria, and the role of the pharmacists during their infection

    Razan I. Nassar, Samar Thiab, Kinda T. Alkoudsi, Iman A. Basheti
    Abstract 566 | pdf Downloads 483

    Page 2617

  • Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Patients with Diabetes towards Diabetic Nephropathy, Neuropathy and Retinopathy

    Nada Dia, Sara Ferekh, Stephanie Jabbour, Zeina Akiki, Mohamad Rahal, Maya Khoury, Marwan Akel
    Abstract 659 | pdf Downloads 611

    Page 2608

  • A Cross-sectional Study of Demonstrating Expertise and Job Satisfaction in Pharmacists and Dietitians Working in Community Pharmacies in Japan

    Masaki Shoji, Naoki Sakane, Naoki Ito, Keiji Sunayama, Mitsuko Onda
    Abstract 294 | pdf Downloads 406

    Page 2605

  • COVID-19 and Role of Pharmacists: Knowledge and Perceptions of Pharmacists from Iraq and Syria

    Iman A. Basheti, Razan Nassar, Feras El-hajji, Bayan Othman , Kinda T. Alkoudsi, Zaid Al-Ani
    Abstract 531 | pdf Downloads 521

    Page 2585

  • Community pharmacies and pharmacists in Brazil: A missed opportunity

    Angelita C. Melo, Guilherme M. Trindade , Alessandra R. Freitas , Karina A. Resende , Tarcísio J. Palhano
    Abstract 1395 | pdf Downloads 518

    Page 2467

  • Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Estonia

    Kristiina Sepp, Anita Tuula, Veera Bobrova, Daisy Volmer
    Abstract 1724 | pdf Downloads 376

    Page 2404

  • Policy and vision for community pharmacies in Finland: A roadmap towards enhanced integration and reduced costs

    Marja Airaksinen, Terhi Toivo, Lenita Jokinen, Eeva Savela, Stina Parkkamäki, Charlotta Sandler, Hanna Kalliomäki, Maarit Dimitrow
    Abstract 1493 | pdf Downloads 736

    Page 2288

  • Integration of and visions for community pharmacy in primary health care in Denmark

    Rikke N. Hansen, Lotte S. Nørgaard, Ulla Hedegaard, Lone Søndergaard, Kerly Servilieri, Susanne Bendixen, Charlotte Rossing
    Abstract 1379 | pdf Downloads 770

    Page 2212

  • Primary healthcare policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Germany

    Christiane Eickhoff, Nina Griese-Mammen, Uta Mueller, André Said, Martin Schulz
    Abstract 1230 | pdf Downloads 657

    Page 2248

  • Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Jordan

    Iman A. Basheti, Nizar M. Mhaidat, Rajaa Al-Qudah, Razan Nassar, Bayan Othman, Tareq L. Mukattash
    Abstract 4544 | pdf Downloads 503

    Page 2184

  • Primary health care policy and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Colombia

    Pedro Amariles, Mauricio Ceballos, Cesar Gonzalez-Giraldo
    Abstract 1200 | pdf Downloads 715

    Page 2159

  • Integration of Community pharmacy and pharmacists in primary health care policies in Argentina

    Pedro D. Armando, Sonia A. Uema, Elena M. Vega
    Abstract 914 | pdf Downloads 386

    Page 2173

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