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  • Pharmacists’ roles in mental healthcare: Past, present and future

    Sarira El-den, Jack C. Collins, Timothy F. Chen, Claire L. O’Reilly
    Abstract 457 | pdf Downloads 252

    Page 2545

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: considerations for pharmacists delivering the National Diabetes Prevention Program

    Dave L. Dixon, Evan M. Sisson, Lauren G. Pamulapati, Rowan Spence, Teresa M. Salgado
    Abstract 525 | pdf Downloads 207

    Page 2426

  • Development of a centralized, remote clinical pharmacy service to enhance primary care

    Rachel J. Finkelstein, Christopher P. Parker, Barcey T. Levy, Barry L. Carter, Korey Kennelty
    Abstract 388 | pdf Downloads 180

    Page 2348

  • Ensuring intervention success: Assessing fit as an overlooked step of the implementation process

    Carrie M. Blanchard, Melanie Livet
    Abstract 448 | pdf Downloads 189

    Page 2235

  • Student pharmacists’ role in enhancing ambulatory care pharmacy practice

    Lauren G. Pamulapati, Danielle Hess
    Abstract 615 | pdf Downloads 243

    Page 2150

  • Preparing for the next generation pharmacists

    Joseph T. DiPiro
    Abstract 884 | pdf Downloads 309

    Page 1988

  • Role of board certification in advancing pharmacy practice

    Samuel G. Johnson
    Abstract 20161 | pdf Downloads 239

    Page 1767

  • Biosimilars and implications for pharmacy practice: Ready or not, here they come!

    Joshua P. Crawford, Andrea L. Hobbs
    Abstract 1451 | pdf Downloads 473

    Page 1659

  • Pharmacist-administered pediatric vaccination services in the United States: major barriers and potential solutions for the outpatient setting

    Nicole E. Omecene, Julie A. Patterson, John D. Bucheit, Apryl N. Anderson, Danielle Rogers, Jean-Venable R. Goode, Lauren M. Caldas
    Abstract 759 | pdf Downloads 360

    Page 1581