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  • "That is totally normal" - Using qualitative methods to explore the dynamics of patients' perspective sharing in community pharmacy practice

    Christina Fogtmann Fosgerau, Gitte Reventlov Husted, Nanna Broch Clemmensen, Charlotte Verner Rossing, Susanne Kaae
    Abstract 50 |
  • Pharmacists’ roles in mental healthcare: Past, present and future

    Sarira El-den, Jack C. Collins, Timothy F. Chen, Claire L. O’Reilly
    Abstract 600 | pdf Downloads 353

    Page 2545

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: considerations for pharmacists delivering the National Diabetes Prevention Program

    Dave L. Dixon, Evan M. Sisson, Lauren G. Pamulapati, Rowan Spence, Teresa M. Salgado
    Abstract 551 | pdf Downloads 222

    Page 2426

  • Development of a centralized, remote clinical pharmacy service to enhance primary care

    Rachel J. Finkelstein, Christopher P. Parker, Barcey T. Levy, Barry L. Carter, Korey Kennelty
    Abstract 410 | pdf Downloads 186

    Page 2348

  • Ensuring intervention success: Assessing fit as an overlooked step of the implementation process

    Carrie M. Blanchard, Melanie Livet
    Abstract 468 | pdf Downloads 194

    Page 2235

  • Student pharmacists’ role in enhancing ambulatory care pharmacy practice

    Lauren G. Pamulapati, Danielle Hess
    Abstract 651 | pdf Downloads 252

    Page 2150

  • Preparing for the next generation pharmacists

    Joseph T. DiPiro
    Abstract 920 | pdf Downloads 321

    Page 1988

  • Role of board certification in advancing pharmacy practice

    Samuel G. Johnson
    Abstract 21877 | pdf Downloads 249

    Page 1767

  • Biosimilars and implications for pharmacy practice: Ready or not, here they come!

    Joshua P. Crawford, Andrea L. Hobbs
    Abstract 1468 | pdf Downloads 483

    Page 1659

  • Pharmacist-administered pediatric vaccination services in the United States: major barriers and potential solutions for the outpatient setting

    Nicole E. Omecene, Julie A. Patterson, John D. Bucheit, Apryl N. Anderson, Danielle Rogers, Jean-Venable R. Goode, Lauren M. Caldas
    Abstract 779 | pdf Downloads 364

    Page 1581