What has changed in the pharmaceutical care after COVID-19: Pharmacists’ perspective

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Pharmaceutical care, COVID-19, Telepharmacy, Information technology tools, Medication dispensing, Medication review, Patient education


Objectives: The study aimed to investigate the impact of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the roles of hospital and community pharmacists in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and to assess how COVID-19 has affected their roles concerning medication dispensing and review, patient education, and telepharmacy services. Methods: This was a face-to-face questionnaire-based study. A convenient sampling technique was used to collect responses from 428 licensed community and hospital pharmacists across the UAE. The study tool is a structured questionnaire. Data were cleaned and analysed through SPSS Version 26. Results: In terms of medication dispensing practice, 314 (73.4%) and 210 (49.1%) of pharmacists reported an increase in the dispensing of over the counter (OTC) medicines and antibiotics after COVID-19, respectively. Of the pharmacists included in the study, 380 (88.8%) and 328 (76.6%) reported an elevation in the engagement in patient education and medication review after COVID-19, respectively. On the other hand, 247 (57.7%) and 179 (41.8%) of pharmacists reported that the frequency of their pharmaceutical interventions and physicians’ acceptance of those interventions increased after COVID-19, which was significantly associated (p=0.01) with pharmacists’ ability to intervene on the dosage regimen of COVID-19 patient. Conclusion: Pharmaceutical care in the UAE has evolved after COVID-19, particularly in the aspects of medications dispensing, telepharmacy, and patientcentered services..

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